"Simple" Task Management

We named this application "simple" for a reason... To be just that. We wanted a simple elegant solution to task management. We built this site to do exactly what we needed it to. We wanted to be able to create a list, and the ability to delete and sort items. Simple!

  • Simplify your life by creating a to-do list.
  • Add and delete items as you need them.
  • Email or print anytime, to stay up-to-date.
  • Login anytime to add more items.
  • App and mobile versions available soon.
  • Sort your items by name, priority or date.
  1. Here's How It Works:
  2. 1. Sign Up Online.
  3. 2. Add an item.
  4. 3. Save your item.
  5. 4. Delete items when done.
  1. Here's Why You Need It:
  2. 1. It's FREE!!
  3. 2. It's easy.
  4. 3. It's useful.

Kloudoo simple is easy to use, elegant and FREE. Join today and try out our application, if you like it, let us know, if you don't, please tell us why. Very simply, we want to make you happy as a user. As always, feel free to Contact Us

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